From the ancient to modern history, it is evident that the young generation plays a vital role in establishing peace and changing the world. In the same way, we believe that the young legal scholar, researcher, practitioner and law students can play a vital role in the arena of law and legal system through reading, writing and researching. The Magazine is decorated in a way that it is a platform for young legal scholars, researchers, practitioners and law students to develop their expertise in the arena of legal reading, writing and research. It is evident that writing article and researching legal issue cannot be developed over night; it needs more practice of legal reading, thinking and writing. In regards, we believe that if the young generation is given scope of legal writing and researching, one day they can brought a revolutionary change in our law and legal system as well as rest of the world. It is said that “Practice makes a man perfect”. As today’s young legal scholar, researcher, practitioner and law students are the future legal experts, they should be given opportunities to express their expertise with a view to making their legal analytical power developed from early life of their profession. Besides, general public are eager to know about law and legal system in a smooth way, but the law and its text are not so smooth to understand easily. As a result, the general public doesn’t get interest to explore legal knowledge. So, BiLD thought to present law and legal system in a smooth way before general public and to create scope for young legal scholar, researcher, practitioner and law students who are eager to read, write and research legal issues. As a result of that thought, BiLD decided to publish a law magazine named “BiLD Law Magazine”. And finally, with the immense participation of young scholars and efforts of all contributors, advisors and editorial panel members, BiLD has become able to present 1st issue of 1st volume of “BiLD Law Magazine” before all of you.

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