Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

When clients wish to avoid the cost and publicity associated with litigation, we readily employ alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to serve their best interests. Our highly experienced arbitration team has significant experience in resolving contentious issues in both domestic and cross-border business. We have acted as counsel under all major arbitration rules and in proceedings with a vast range of governing laws and venues. Our lawyers advise clients on all sides of the table, represents the majority and minority shareholders in joint ventures, multinational corporations, medium-sized companies, and individuals. We advise our clients as to when ADR may be appropriate, what manner of ADR may suit the particular circumstances of a case, and provide the representation which is attuned to the method of ADR adopted and the client’s objectives. We provide a wide spectrum of dispute resolution and conflict management services to individuals and businesses that address a variety of dispute types including but not limited to Banking, Bankruptcy, Breach of Contract, Commercial, Construction, Contacts, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical & Admiralty and Maritime.

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